Su Entertainment Group is renowned and attracts considerable attention both in Turkey and throughout the world with its brands such as Reina, Suada Club – The Galatasaray Islet as well as world brands such as Nomads Istanbul and Supperclub Istanbul managed by Su Entertainment Group.

The first investment of our group, which invests in various sectors, in fast moving consumption sector was Reina Natural Spring Water. Presented in a specially designed glass bottle filled in a healthy and sanitary environment, Reina Water became the most preferred brand in supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels since the first day it was supplied to the market.

Later, it continued to get great credit for Reina Olive Oil produced in Çanakkale. Reina Olive Oil is provided to customers in all Su Entertainment Group enterprises as well as chain of premium grocery stores.

We have justified pride of always being one step ahead of our counterparts with our “Reina” brand which became one of the most popular brand thanks to Reina Premium Energy Drink following Reina Olive Oil.

As Su Entertainment Group, we aim to further expand with our domestic and overseas investments with regards to our brands, each of which became one of the leading products in various sectors such as entertainment, food, and tourism sectors.